Proposed Innovation Centre for Seaway District High School

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The Municipality of South Dundas has initiated discussions with community partners and higher education institutions to explore offering space for an Innovation Centre connected with Seaway District High School in an effort to avert its potential closure as part of the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) “Pupil Accommodation Review”. The Municipality has received Letters of Support from Carleton University, St. Lawrence College, Cornwall and the Counties Community Futures Development Corporation, Eastern Ontario Training Board, Big River Technologies Inc, and Ross Video for the venture.

It is envisioned that the proposed Municipally-lead Innovation Centre (Incubator) will provide two valuable services to the community. The will serve as a place to connect entrepreneurs with the necessary assets to remove barriers to growth, drive revenue and increase employment opportunities. It will also serve as an elementary and secondary student learning laboratory designed to educate and inspire students interested in Information and Communication Technology. This may include providing enhanced after-hours programming in Coding and Introduction to Digital Media and Gaming Development. There may also be the opportunity for students to apply for extra credit based on some of this programming (pending approval from UCDSB officials) as these students advance through the education system.

“It is through initiatives like this that we can accomplish the goals of the UCDSB in providing students with unique opportunities while attracting additional students to the school,” said Rob Hunter, Economic Development Officer for the Municipality of South Dundas. “Seaway has much to offer the students, community and the Board.”

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