1992 Time Capsule Contents on Display at South Dundas Municipal Centre

On Tuesday, July 18, 2017, prior to the regular Council meeting, the Municipality of South Dundas Council opened two time capsules that were buried by the Council of the former Village of Morrisburg in 1992. The public is welcome to view items from the capsules on display at the South Dundas Municipal Centre in Morrisburg.

“There were some pretty cool things inside those time capsules,” said Chris Hemond, Communications and Tourism Coordinator. “We know there are a number of people in the community who are interested in seeing some of it, so we decided to put it on display at the Municipal Centre so they can get a better look.”

A selection of the items from the time capsule are currently in a display case in the lobby of the Municipal Centre located at 34 Ottawa St., Morrisburg, along with large sections of a banner that was signed by community members in 1992.

“We’re encouraging the public who were around in ‘92 to visit the Municipal Centre and try and track down their signature on the banners hanging in the lobby,” Hemond added.

While not all items from the time capsule are on display on the first floor of the Municipal Centre, an exhaustive list is posted and people can request to view other pieces at the Municipal Office reception desk on the second floor.

The time capsule is expected to be on display until the end of 2017, at which time the contents will be archived and moved to the Municipality’s archive building.

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