South Dundas has an active labour force of 5,460 people. New business has ample opportunity for employees with an additional workforce of over 60,000 people living within a 30 minute drive of South Dundas. Also, over half of the local labour force chooses to live in South Dundas while commuting to jobs outside of the Municipality.

Labour Force
Education Rates
Labour Force by Industry
Leading Employers
Talent Recruitment

Labour Force

Labour Force in South Dundas

Local Advantage: Entrepreneurship is alive in South Dundas with 57% of existing businesses being people working for themselves. 

Education Rates

South Dundas’ labour force is rich in skilled trades, boasting a higher percentage of trades and college diplomas than the province. The highest training concentrations are in:

    • Architecture; engineering; and related technologies
    • Business; management and public administration
    • Health and related fields

Education Rates in South Dundas

Local Advantage: The amount of labour force with a trades certificate or college diploma increased by 17% between 2006 and 2011.

Labour Force By Industry

Manufacturing continues to account for the largest percentage of jobs in South Dundas. Service sector, including tourism related businesses are also very important to the local economy as shown by the strong concentration in retail trade, followed by accommodation, food services, arts and entertainment.  

While accounting for a slightly lower percentage of jobs, agriculture remains one of the community’s largest industries with total gross receipts exceeding $71 Million per year.

Labour Force by Industry in South Dundas

Local Advantge: Largest Growth Industries between 2009 and 2014 were:

  • Professional services
  • Health Care
  • Retail Trade

Leading Employers

South Dundas’ leading employers reinforce the prevalence of manufacturing and tourism in the community. Producers of dental burs, video production switchers and noise control products are amongst the largest employers. The two trucking companies listed are also evidence of the growing specialty in logistics and warehousing.

 South Dundas Leading Employer Profile

Talent Recruitment

Resources are available to help companies seeking skilled professionals for a variety of industries.

JobZone provides free and confidential employment services to area job seekers and employers. Businesses can access a number of services including a regional job board, candidate referrals and information on wage subsidies. 

The Eastern Ontario Training Board assists businesses in three ways. The organization publishes workforce statistics, acts as a centralized body advocating for local labour force development needs and connects businesses to partners, initiatives and research addressing labour force issues.