The Municipality of South Dundas has a blue box and green box recycling program. Both are curb side pick-up but must comply with the Municipality’s recycling policies.

Blue Box collection and Green Box collection are collected on alternate weeks and on the same day as Garbage collection. One week, the Green Box material will be collected; the following week the Blue Box material will be collected. Green Recycling Symbol

Please note that the South Dundas Recycling Schedule is mailed to each resident twice a year in the South Dundas 360 Community Guide

For any specific customer service inquiries or comments, please contact Miller Waste Systems' customer service telephone line at 1-844-823-7511.




· Newspapers

· Flyers

· Fine Paper

· Box Board

· Paper Egg Cartons

· Toilet Paper & Towel Paper Rolls

· Pizza Boxes (Residue Free)

· Magazines

· Catalogues

· Telephone Directories

· Corrugated Cardboard

· Paper Shredding


· Glass Bottles and Jars (used for Food or Drink)

· Containers marker on the bottom with a Recycling Symbol or numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 only

· Aluminum Pie Plates

· Foil

· Rigid Foil Containers and Trays

Not Accepted:

· Styrofoam

· Plastic Handles

· Plastic Bags

· Hard Covered Books

· Waxed or Coated Boxes

Not Accepted:

· Light Bulbs

· Ceramics

· Mirrors

· Window Glass

· Pyrex

· Herbicide or Pesticide Containers

· Car Fluid Bottles

· Aerosol or Paint Cans

· Foil with Paper or Lamination

Please note that replacement or additional blue boxes or green boxes may be purchased at the Municipal Office.


Please note that the Garbage and Recycling schedule is postponed one day on Christmas and New Years. It will remain unaffected on all other holidays.

Collection Regulations

· Recycle material must be placed at curb side no later than 7 am on the day of collection.

· Empty blue boxes and green boxes must be removed from the curb side no later than 8 pm on the day of collection.

· Recyclable material not collected must be removed from the curb side by 8 pm on the day of collection.

· Ensure that all items are free of residue, flattened and that no loose material is on top that will blow away.

Agricultural Plastic Recycling

Lafleche Environmental Inc., in partnership with Recycle Action, now recycles farm plastics at the Eastern Ontario Waste Handling Facility (Moose Creek) and at the Russell Waste Transfer Station. Click here to learn more about this program.