Outdoor Rinks

South Dundas has five Outdoor Rinks, also know as ODRs. The table below illustrates where these ODRs are located and what amenities they offer.

BrinstonLights, washrooms (limited hours), canteen (limited hours)Directions
Lights, dugout sheltersDirections
WilliamsburgLights, heated building, washrooms (limited hours)Directions
IroquoisLights, heated building, accessible facility, washrooms (limited hours)Directions


Community Volunteers

Community volunteers are the backbone of the South Dundas Outdoor Rinks, without them there would be no ice at all. Our valued volunteers give their time by assisting with the construction, maintenance, and inspections of the rinks.

High school students are reminded that this provides a great opportunity to earn volunteer hours towards their mandatory 40 hours of community service. Typical outdoor rink maintenance includes flooding the ice, shoveling snow, providing care and maintenance to rink shovels, hoses, boards, building (if applicable) and the care of the surrounding outdoor rink area. It is a flexible time commitment until March (weather dependent).

South Dundas Recreation is committed to working with community volunteers to provide Outdoor Rinks during the winter months. If you are interested in volunteering, please email or call Emily at 613-543-2673 / epalmerguindon@southdundas.com.

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