Geese on the river

Animal Services

The Municipality of South Dundas regulates and restricts dogs within the Municipality. For more information, please contact:
Kevin Casselman, Canine Control Officer
613-543-2980 or 613-913-1476.

Dog Tags

Each year, the owner of a dog must register the dog with the municipality and purchase a “dog tag”. The tag must be securely affixed on the dog at all times. There is a maximum of 3 dogs per location.

Dog tags may be purchased at the Municipal Office for $20 each. Dog kennel licenses are available for kennel owners.

Dog Tag Form (PDF) 

Off-Leash Dog Park

Located at 85 Canada Way in Morrisburg, South Dundas offers residents and visitors an off-leash dog park with both large and small dog fenced sections. 

Wild Animals

The Municipality of South Dundas does not remove wildlife from private properties. Property owners should contact a licensed pest control or licensed trapper to assist with the removal of wildlife, such as racoons and skunks.

If you or a domestic animal has come into contact with a wild animal suspected of having rabies, please seek medical attention and contact the Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-800-667-1940.