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Marriage Services

The Corporate Services Department issues Marriage Licences and provides Wedding Officiants for civil/non-denominational marriages.

Marriage Licence and Officiant Information Flyer

Please note, you must make an appointment to have your licence issued.  Please call the office or email Tia Fraser-Dupuis, our Corporate Services Coordinator to request an appointment. If you do not make an appointment, we cannot guarantee the availability of a licence issuer.

Marriage licences can be issued no more than ninety (90) days in advance of your intended date of marriage. We try and keep the appointments within a month of the wedding date. The application form can be downloaded. The fee for a marriage licence is $125.00.

Marriage Licence Application Form (PDF)

Who Can Perform a Wedding Ceremony?

A religious ceremony can be performed by a member of a recognized religious organization authorized to perform marriages in Ontario under the Marriage Act.

A civil marriage, such as the marriage services offered by the Municipality of South Dundas, can be performed by a Marriage Commissioner. South Dundas has Marriage Commissioners authorized to perform civil marriage services.

Wedding Officiants and Civil Ceremonies

Are you looking for someone to perform your wedding ceremony? The Municipality of South Dundas can provide couples with an experienced Wedding Officiant for their big day. 

The cost of a civil marriage ceremony performed by the Municipal Marriage Commissioner is to be paid in advance of the marriage ceremony by cash, cheque or debit.

The cost of the ceremony is $300, payable to the Municipality of South Dundas. *Please note that the above fees do not include the cost of the Marriage Licence.

South Dundas also has a number of local facilities available for rent for your wedding and reception.

About Our Ceremonies

The Municipality of South Dundas offers the services of an experienced Wedding Officiant to make your day as special as possible.

A pre-ceremony meeting must be scheduled with the Marriage Commissioner in order to provide the proper service and to prepare a personalized wedding experience. Couples are encouraged to book their pre-ceremony meeting and their wedding date well in advance to avoid disappointment and ensure services are available on your preferred date, and to your highest expectations.