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Invest in South Dundas

Strategic location, intermodal transportation opportunities and quality infrastructure are an unbeatable combination for the industries that choose to do business in South Dundas. With steady growth and other advantages, leading businesses such as Ross Video, Ekel, Evonik and Kavo Kerr are investing and developing in South Dundas.  Relocating or starting a business?  Discover the South Dundas Advantages! (PDF)

    Target Industries

    Through South Dundas’ 2017 Economic Development Strategy, the following four target industries were identified as key areas of success in South Dundas:


    Below you will find a summary of a few of the incentive programs that are available at this time, but please note that the Municipality maintains a list of over 30 different incentive programs and would be pleased to assist you in connecting with the program(s) that will best support your business or development.

    Competitiveness Reports