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The South Dundas Council is made up of a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and three Councillors. Council members are elected during the Municipal election every four years. The current term of Council was elected in the fall of 2018 and will serve until fall 2022. The public is encouraged to contact Council members. For questions or concerns about Municipal services or programs get in touch with a staff member and we'll be happy to help. 

Mayor Steven Byvelds

South Dundas - Mayor

Steven Byvelds 

Deputy Mayor Kirsten Gardner

South Dundas - Deputy Mayor

Kirsten Gardner

Phone Number(s): 613-363-5182 (Cell)
Councillor Lloyd Wells

South Dundas - Councillor

Lloyd Wells

Phone Number(s): 613- 551-2761 (Cell)
Councillor Donald William Lewis

South Dundas - Councillor

Donald William Lewis

Councillor Archie Mellan

South Dundas - Councillor

Archie Mellan