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Building Permits

Building and demolition is regulated by the Ontario Building Code, and administered by the Municipality. ALL building and demolition projects must meet the requirements set out in the Ontario Building Code, as well as any other applicable legislation. Building permits are necessary to ensure that applicable provincial laws, zoning requirements, fire and structural safety standards are met.

A building permit is required for the construction or alteration of any structure over 10 metres square (108 square feet). However, in the case of a detached shed, the limit for no permit has increased to 14.8 metres square (160 square feet). It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that a building permit is obtained prior to any construction or demolition is started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Permit Applications & Fees

Below you will find applications for the building and demolition permits required for a number of home renovation, building, demolition, and other construction projects, as well as the current fee structure associated with the application of these permits. Contact the Building Department early in the planning stages of your project BEFORE any drawings are started if you have any questions.

Building Permit Application Forms are available at the South Dundas Municipal Office or can be printed off from the links below. Completed forms should be emailed or brought to the Municipal Office accompanied by the following requirements: