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Committees of Council

Committees of Council provide Council with advice and updates on specifically mandated areas of interest. Would you like to volunteer on a committee? Click here to access the 2023 Volunteer Application Form.

Committee of Adjustment (COA)

The Committee of Adjustment is a Quasi-judicial tribunal appointed by Council which derives its jurisdiction from the Planning Act with a mandate to consider and make decisions on applications for Minor Variances from the provisions of the Zoning By-law.

The COA consists of three (3) citizen members, plus one (1) alternate.
Meetings are held on an as-required basis.
Members: To be determined. 

Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Review Committee

Council approved the Community Improvement Plan By-law in July 2018.

The CIP is a community initiative that works towards improving existing commercial industry. It Offers business and commercial owners or renters within the designated Community Improvement Areas the opportunity to access funding (grants/loans) to improve their commercial buildings (example: exterior façade, signage, interior renos).The CIP Review Committee is appointed by Council and responsible for review of applications and awarding of grants.

Terms of Reference
CAO, Chief Building Official, Economic Development Office, Member of Council TBD, Public Member TBD

Court of Revision (COR)

The Court of Revision is an appeal body establish under Section 97 of the Drainage Act. The Act sets out a democratic process for constructing new drains or improving existing drains, with the concept that property owners who benefit from a new/improved drain should pay their share toward the cost of construction.

The COR process involves the preparation of a Drainage Report by the municipality’s drainage engineer which outlines proposed works and affected properties. The Report is considered and provisionally adopted by Council, following which a COR is sent to all affected property owners with meeting particulars. The COR is a hearing whereby appointed member hear any objections to the charges being assessed to property owners outlined in the report. COR members cannot make changes to the technical aspects of the engineer's report, rather only have authority to change the schedule of assessments.

Meetings are held on an as-required basis.
Members: TBD, TBD, TBD

Dundas County Archives Committee

Dundas County Archives was established in 2016 between North and South Dundas through a Memorandum of Understanding.

The purpose of the Archives is to acquire, preserve and make accessible the historical records of Dundas. The Committee was established with a mandate, mission and is responsible for the development of procedures for governance, policies and agreements.
The Committee includes 4 members of the public, 1 member of the UEL, Mayors and Clerks from both North and South Dundas.

Terms of Reference 
Members: TBD

Economic & Community Development Advisory

(formerly Economic Development Advisory and Tourism Advisory)

In February 2019, Council established both the Economic Development Advisory Committee and the Tourism Advisory Committee. The purpose and mandate of both Advisory Committees were similarly aligned; being to provide advice for enhancing the economic and further developing the tourism sector within the Municipality.

In December 2022, based on feedback from members of both committees, Council decided to transition to one committee, resulting in the establishment of the Economic & Community Development Committee.

This creates a team approach with a purpose to attract residents, businesses, tourists, training, entertainment, amenities to our community. The members will work with municipal, County, City, organizations and agencies on housing development and strategy and oversee, guide, and make recommendations to Council on all municipal/community events.

Terms of Reference: A draft Terms of Reference will be presented to Council in January 2023 for consideration.
Members: TBD

Environment & Tree Conservation Committee

In May 2019, the Municipality adopted a Tree Canopy & Natural Vegetation Policy. Since that time, feedback has been received and the community has expressed concerns related to tree conservation, removal, evaluation and planting.

With Council, Staff and the community interested in learning more and discussing options,  a Town Hall meeting will be organized for early 2023 to solicit community feedback to ensure ideas and areas of concerns are captured prior to Staff drafting Terms of Reference.

Stay tuned for more information.

Fence Viewers

Fence viewers are appointed by Council under the Line Fences Act, to examine land in question and hear submissions from adjoining landowners and their witnesses when neighbours cannot agree on the construction, reconstruction or maintenance of a fence.

The purpose of the Line Fences Act is to provide a procedure for the resolution of line fence disputes. Line fences mark the boundary between properties and are often referred to as boundary or division fences.

The arbitration procedure is applicable to two situations where the owners are unable to reach agreement

  • Where no fence currently exists at the boundary between the two properties, and one owner wants a new fence to be constructed to mark the boundary; or
  • Where a line fence already exists, and one owner believes that it needs to be reconstructed or repaired.

In such cases, an owner can request that a municipality assign "fence-viewers" to resolve the dispute and issue a decision which is called an "award". The fence-viewers are authorized to only address one or both of the following issues in such situations:

  • The appointment of responsibility for fencing work between the two adjoining owners; or
  • The description of the fence that is to be constructed or reconstructed on the boundary line, including the materials to be used.

Contact the Municipal Fence Viewer: TBD

Livestock Evaluators

Under the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program, and in accordance with the Livestock, Poultry and Honey Bee Protection Act, as amended, the municipal Livestock Evaluators will:

  • Carry out a full and impartial investigation within 72 hours of receiving the notification of the injury or death of livestock or poultry;
  • Take three to six colour photos per eligible kill/injury incurred and collecting all necessary information to accurately complete the application;
  • Municipal investigators are responsible for providing a completed program application to the owner and municipality within seven business days of completing an investigation;
  • Territorial investigators are responsible for providing a completed program application to the owner and OMAFRA’s program administrator within seven business days of completing an investigation, as well as any additional evidence from the owner.

Contact the Livestock Evaluator: TBD

Morrisburg Downtown Business Improvement Area

The Morrisburg Downtown Business Improvement Area was formed by By-law many years ago and renewed in March 2022, with many local business owners/representatives coming forward.

The Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary-Treasurer was appointed at the AGM in March.

The Economic Development Officer and one elected representative are the BIA resource/support.

Members: TBD

Parks and Recreation Committee

As a recommendation from the recently approved Parks and Recreation Masterplan, Council is excited to establish a Parks and Recreation Committee, with a mandate to provide advice on all aspects of leisure and recreation services offered by the Municipality.

Terms of Reference: A draft Terms of Reference will be presented to Council in January 2023 for consideration.
Members: TBD

Property Standards Committee

The Municipality’s Property Standards By-law was updated in February 2022.

Section 30.2 of By-law 2022-20 indicates that Council shall appoint a Property Standards Committee for the term of Council. Schedule A of By-law 2022-20 outlines the rules and procedures for the committee.

For 2023, Council will act as the Property Standards Committee with appeals heard in closed session. This allows Council an opportunity to become more familiar with the by-law, analyze complaints and data and defer a decision on appointing public members to a Property Standards Committee to December 2023.

South Branch Community Fund Committee

The purpose of the South Branch Committee is to consider, review and make recommendations to Council on applications submitted for moneys available through the South Branch Community Fund.

The Committee will receive and evaluate all applications, ensuring they meet the requirements outlines in the South Branch Community Fund Agreement. Recommended applications will be submitted to Council for final approval.

The Committee, working with staff, will act as a liaison between applications and Council regarding the application process and the delivery and execution of successful applications. 

Meetings are held on an as-required basis. 

South Dundas Waterfront Committee

(formerly Iroquois Waterfront Committee and Morrisburg Waterfront Committee)

The Iroquois and Morrisburg Waterfront Committees have been operating as separate and distinct since 2011. The Terms of Reference were updated and merged in February 2022, as an initial step to bring together the two groups.

In December 2022, based on feedback from members of both committees, Council decided to transition to one committee, resulting in the establishment of the South Dundas Waterfront Committee. This will provide for a standardized approach, it will clarify roles, align with the Parks & Recreation Masterplan yet offer the committee the ability to undertake separate and distinct projects with their respective volunteer groups.

Terms of Reference: An updated Terms of Reference will be presented to Council in January 2023 for consideration
Members: TBD

Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

The Youth Advisory Committee was established in 2019 based on recommendations from the Youth Engagement Report. Its purpose is to provide a voice for youth on important recreational and social issues within the community. Membership is offered to students ages 18 and under.

Terms of Reference 
Members: TBD