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Property Taxes

Property taxes are collected by the Municipality each year. The Municipality mails two tax bills annually, in the spring and summer. 

Interim Tax Bill
Due the last business day in March 

Final Tax Bill - First Installment
Due the last business day in June

Final Tax Bill - Second Installment
Due the last business day in September

Dates may be altered by Council under special circumstances.

Understand your tax bill

The interim tax bill is 50% of the final tax bill from the previous year and includes Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) approved adjustments. The final tax bill issued in June is to be paid in two installments, June and September. Reminder notices are sent in April, July and October, with a final year end reminder issued for any remaining outstanding balance as of December 31, mailed in January of the new year.

Taxes provide the main source of revenue for the Municipality to deliver services such as road maintenance, parks & recreation, garbage collection and much more. Tax bills issued by the Municipality also include upper-tier taxes for the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry; and education taxes of the Province of Ontario, which are distributed to school boards.

To calculate your taxes, take your MPAC assessment and multiple it by the total Municipal tax rate for your assessment/tax class. You can also manage your taxes online by signing into the My Tax Account portal.