Digital sign on County Rd. 2 to be removed after Zoning Appeal withdrawn

IROQUOIS – In conclusion to an ongoing zoning issue, the Municipality of South Dundas is advising residents that the free-standing digital sign located along County Rd. 2 in Iroquois will be removed sooner than expected after the zoning appeal was recently withdrawn.  

After the construction of the free-standing digital sign at 11141 County Rd 2, Iroquois, South Dundas oversaw various meetings to address the presence of the sign on a residential zoned lot – which does not permit such a structure. When the Council defeated a rezoning application to change the lot from residential to highway commercial in April 2021, an appeal was submitted by the applicant to the Ontario Land Tribunal.

Prior to the trial date, the applicant withdrew their appeal and has settled the matter with the Municipality of South Dundas. As per this agreement, the sign will be removed before June 7, 2022.

“The Municipality heard the concerns from our residents and has worked diligently to resolve the issue. We are glad to be able to put this matter to rest,” said Mayor Steven Byvelds. “We are pleased with the agreement that will see the sign removed this year.”