Mayor Broad was gnomed! #RehomeAGnome4DundasManor

Mayor Broad and his wife

Have you seen the new WDMH Foundation - WDMHF fundraising initiative? Mayor Broad was the first to be "gnomed"! 

"We need the new Dundas Manor," says Mayor Broad. "Shelley and I are happy to support this unique fundraiser and I already know where the gnomes are going next!"

Rehome-A-Gnome is underway and you can gnome someone too! All you have to do is visit , select #2 and make a donation. Tell us where you want the gnomes to visit - family, friends, neighbours or even your house! The recipient will then have a chance to choose the next house and make a donation if they wish.

You can also select #1 and make a $10 donation for No-Gnome Insurance so the gnomes don't end up on your lawn!

Visit to download a gnome order form (look for the gnomes).