Morrisburg & District Arts & Crafts Association Craft Show Donations Top $10,000


Craft Show Donations Top $10,000

It isn’t the festive season without the Morrisburg & District Arts & Crafts Association annual craft show. And once again this year, they didn’t disappoint - raising $200 for the WDMH Foundation’s General Equipment Fund.

“We are honoured to do this year after year,” noted President Linda Schenck. In fact, the association has raised more than $10,000 for the WDMH Foundation since 1998.

“We are so grateful to these amazing artisans for always remembering the patients at Winchester District Memorial Hospital and including the WDMH Foundation as a beneficiary of their successful event,” notes Justine Plummer, Manager, Direct Mail & Events. “Thank you to the organizers, vendors and everyone who attended this wonderful show.”