South Dundas Recognizes the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

Group photo of staff and members of the public on orange shirt day

Last year we came together for the first official National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. We raised the flag here at the Municipal Centre as a symbol of our support for our Indigenous neighbours and friends. Today gives us a chance to refocus our attention and dedication to healing the mistakes of our past and moving forward with a better future.

It can be hard to know what we as individuals can do to help in the efforts for Truth and Reconciliation. The most important thing is that we educate ourselves, speak up against ongoing injustice of our Indigenous peoples and continue to demand that our governments make good on their promises.

In South Dundas we have begun offering training opportunities to our staff and Council and will continue in the years to come. For our public, we are publishing a page on our website dedicated to the Indigenous history of South Dundas. Our Archivist, Susan Peters has worked to document this history and the page will serve to help educate our community.

I am also proud to announce that one of our last acts as this Council will be to install an orange memorial bench in front of the Municipal Centre. The bench will serve as a physical reminder of our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation not just on September 30, but each day of the year.

Finally, we thank our Mohawk of Akwesasne neighbours for joining us today. It is a privilege to hear from Grand Chief Benedict and continue building the relationship between our communities.

Mayor Steven Byvelds