Morrisburg water plant

Water & Sewer

Water Treatment Plant

The South Dundas Water Treatment Plant is a state of the art facility, using a membrane filtration system and granular activated carbon filters to eliminate odour and taste.

The facility provides service to both the Morrisburg and Iroquois and is designed to provide a capacity for a twenty year period. Each year South Dundas Public Works plans upgrades to the distribution system, subject to available funding.

The Municipality has developed a long term plan that includes analysis of the existing system and planned action to maintain, repair and replace pipes and appurtenances.

South Dundas water meets all provincial requirements under the provincial water regulations.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Morrisburg, Iroquois and Williamsburg each have their own Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Morrisburg’s secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant was commissioned in 2008 and includes a Septage Receiving Station; Iroquois’ Wastewater Treatment Plant was commissioned in 2014.

The Williamsburg Wastewater Treatment Facility is a lagoon system and is very effective.

There are few storm sewers in the Villages; rather, the Villages have been designed mostly with shallow ditches and swales in the street allowances to drain surface water.

Bulk Water Sale

The Municipality operates a bulk water filling station at the Morrisburg Water Plant located at 99 Augusta Street, Morrisburg. The filling station dispenses a high volume of water over a short amount of time and is intended to be used by those who require bulk water and have the proper equipment to access and store it.

The dispensing of bulk water has severe implications, for the Municipality, up to and including, low clear well levels, disruptions to disinfection protocol, loss of pressure and jeopardizing water supply, particularly in the case of emergency (ie: water main break or use by the Fire Department). 

Effective June 27, 2022, Policy No. 7-6 Bulk Water Sale will be in effect. The purpose of the policy is to regulate the large quantities of bulk water dispensed from the water filling station to ensure that the municipal water system always operates optimally, including flow and supply.

All existing and new users of the bulk water filling station are required to register by completing the Registration Form and returning to the Municipal Office, in person or via email Upon approval, users shall adhere to the policy at all times. In accordance with the policy, users will then be billed on a monthly basis $100 hook up fee per use, in addition to the $3.00/m3.